Arisce Wanzer

Arisce Wanzer

Arisce Wanzer is a full time model currently living, working, and dating in New York City. She hails from Woodbridge, Virginia where her supportive family still resides. She graduated from the Art Institute of Miami in 2009 for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and has been in the business ever since. She came out as transgender when she was 19 and has been living happily doing what she loves... shopping! She has traveled the world, read many books, enjoys indie pop music and high fashion. You want to date her.

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Monday, 24 March 2014 15:13

March Madness

My lovely Ariscestocrats, my darlings, have you missed me? Of course you have, that was clearly rhetorical... ::serves extreme side eye::
The humble beginnings of spring are upon us and we all know what that means: Spring Flings! I'm not talking about the teenaged dance hall social event of yesteryear, but the "I've been alone all winter and need somebody new" fever that all of us singles catch every year around this time. This annual hunt is as natural to humans as living, breathing or taking out the trash. The need to feel shiny and new when your world is no longer cold and grey is actually essential for a healthy spirit. Whether it be a new car, haircut, outfit or lover, new always feels good. Although normally short lived, the relationship drive-bys can leave quite the impact on ones love psyche. Anybody in the audience sensing a cautionary tale ahead? Good, than you're paying attention! Let's begin, shall we?
Saturday, 15 February 2014 00:01

Romance Reflex: The Valentine

Happy Belated Singles Awareness Day Ariscestocrats! 
How do we all feel about Valentines Day? We all know the story of Saint Valentine, but what has it all really become? According to social media, it's one side against the other. Love versus hate. Is this right? Are we really mad at people that are in relationships or are we just mad at ourselves and the mistakes we've made in our own lives? Valentines Day is like the mirror of failed romances that singles are forced to face every year, at least this one time. The problem with mirrors is that the pain is different in every one (Get it? Pane? Clever, right? Yes). Some images are warped, others broken, others scratched beyond repair. What does your hearts reflection say about you? Do you even want to know? 
Sunday, 12 January 2014 14:51

Sex Resolution

Happy New Year Ariscetocrats!
It's 2014 ya'll! Time to change your lives for the next month and then go back to whatever the hell you've always done! And yes, that was a READ on everybody who bullshits on their own resolutions (insert side eye and head shaking here). My self promises for this year are simple Party Monster classics: Money. Success. Fame. Glamour. I figured all of those were realistic enough to achieve yet challenging enough to keep me motivated and actually follow through. What were yours? 
I'll never forget the year I made a sex resolution. Before I became my serial dating sex-pert self, I was honestly a bit of a prude. Picky to a fault, I made excuses, I was a bore in bed. Something had to change. In 2010 I vowed to be a fun-fuck, a good time Sally, a rough rider, more of a Samantha and less of a Charlotte! Note: If you don't get Sex and The City references, I don't know how you even found my articles. I owed it to myself to have great sex and be more adventurous in the love game, I mean YOLO right? Not two days into the new year, came my first one night stand.
Hello Ariscestocrats! 
Is everybody ready for Friendsgiving? You read correct, the chic masses have declared Thanksgiving with your family officially out. I mean, honestly, who the hell wants to see the same faces with the same food within a three week period anyway? (Not me!) Especially when the party related to you bombards you with the same intrusive/borderline rude questions about your personal life? I know I have plenty to be thankful for, but am always asked, "Where yo' man at?" and my favorite, "You're single again?" I mean, damn, can a bitch get a break? (Plays "Hard Out Hear" by Lily Allen.) I feel like I have so many experiences in dating and loves lost to be grateful for, why dwell on the love I lack on a day dedicated to gratitude? Why not try just being thankful?
One of my most appreciated and favorite loves lost was the first to ever feel like love. He made me feel genuinely wanted, like I'd never felt before. He was also the first to test drive my hot new rack. Y'all should've known I couldn't let that get too sentimental... but regardless, here's a love story.
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